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Welcome to the Shortgrass Steppe (SGS) Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) project website. The SGS-LTER site is part of a network of long-term research sites supported by the National Science Foundation. The 26 network sites represent diverse ecosystems and research emphases, while maintaining a common mission and sharing expertise, data and infrastructure for cross-site research.

We have the privilege of having close working ties with the USDA Agricultural Research Service Rangeland Resources Research Unit, Central Plains Experimental Range, the USDA Forest Service Pawnee National Grassland Ranger District, and the Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station. These formalized relationships allow for easy transfer of ideas, data and technology.

At the SGS-LTER, we have found that ecological structure and function of the shortgrass steppe ecosystem is governed by climate, natural disturbance, biota, physiography, and human use. We focus on the inter-relationships among these factors. Our research is grouped into three core areas: Populations and Processes, Land-Atmosphere Interactions, and Biogeochemistry.

Visitors are welcome at our field station and research sites. Arrange a Visit.

If you are considering conducting research on the shortgrass steppe, please read our Information for Researchers.

For various maps of the SGS Research Area, go to the Maps Page.